Build an Education. Build a Future.


At Build an Education our aim is to improve the educational resources and opportunities for children in developing countries, and make education more accessible for all children who want to learn. We also want to support the local communities in these areas and aid developing economies.




In 2002 only 61% of primary age children were attending school in Ghana. As a result of an increased government focus on education, the number of children attending school in Ghana has risen dramatically. In 2011, 84% of children were enrolled in school with 73% attending regularly. However the data also shows that only 42% of children go on to attend school at secondary level with the exact figure for children actually attending, being unknown and thought to be much lower.


This may not be high in comparison to Western countries, but it is a far cry from many other African countries, and an improvement even from the turn of the century. By continuing to support education in the earliest years hopefully we can ensure that the number of children who attend secondary schools continues to rise.




Build an Education was established by Marian and Sam. Sam spent nearly three years supporting schools in Ghana, and Marian volunteered at schools in the area in 2011.

The impact the country and the children had on them was lasting – in 2013 the idea for Build an Education was born with plans to improve the conditions and resources at one of the schools. With the blessing of the headteacher, these plans are becoming a reality.




We want to be able to bring education to children in less developed countries across the globe.


Our goals are:


• To keep building and supporting the building of schools in less developed areas, as well as providing them with the resources to be able to make the most of their education.

• We want these resources to include internet access, libraries and text books.

• We also want to provide simple things such as pens, pencils and exercise books.




  • Head Office, Manchester, UK

  • School Upgrade & Renovation Project Site, Atibie-Kwahu, Eastern Region, Ghana (Atibie A.K. Islamic Primary School)