There are endless possibilities on our corporate sponsorship scheme, all of which can be tailored between your organisation, the charity and the receiving locations leaders. In past, through our friends and fellow charities companies have used this platform to give back to the less fortunate and also gain good marketing material as a charitably responsible business. 

Past examples have been;

  • Full school construction -
    Built as its own stand alone school, the school was named after the organisation, logos displayed on the exterior of the school building & flags, contact kept between the two and staff of the organisation eventually took a trip to visit the site the following year.

  • Stand alone construction - 
    Such as; community/school library, ICT centre, nursery, one classroom, dining area, playground, sports field, assembly area, etc.
    These like the full constructions can be named after the organisation or something relevant and be displayed with an organisations logos but usually are within an already existing school or community.
    For example: The Build An Education Library in Atibie A.K. Primary School.

  • Events -
    For the lower end of the budget we can assist in organising events such as;
    sports days, free school meal days, parties, guest speakers, school trips etc. 
    Although less branding is usually available with events, each item is organised individually and agreements can be made between the three parties. These can also be recurring or a one off event.
    Example of recurring event:
    As part of a larger budget, a kitchen/dining area was constructed for a undeveloped school in an extreme rural setting. Once constructed the sponsor then sent the funds each fortnight for each child in the class to get a free school meal every other friday.
    Example of a one off event:
    A volunteer returned home after teaching a class and decided to raise the funds to send her class for a tour around the capital Accra's airport. For the children at this school it was an extreme eye opener to experience such a bustling city and developed infrastructure which is in utter contrast to what is at home in their villages.



To discuss further please contact us or checkout the personal sponsorship schemes page if the corporate suggestions don't suit your needs.