Atibie A.K Primary
School Renovation


After spending time at this school we unsurprisingly have a close bond with it and its pupils and teachers. This gave us an unparalleled insight into just how much the environment and school structure can have a negative impact on the education of students. The first phase of this project is to construct a new classroom at a new site to move classes there as a matter of safety. 

Educational Supplies


Throughout the year we send shipments of reading books, learning materials and stationery out to Ghana from the UK. These items are shared among schools and communities that otherwise would not have the access or be able to have use of these basic items.

A simple reading book really can have a massive affect on a child's motivation on learning how to read and write.

Would you like to donate an item or sponsor the transportation? Please drop us a message on our Contact Us page.

School Fees & Support


Through an internal scholarship programme and also when individuals are discovered by ourselves to be slipping in their educational performance we cover the costs of school fees and the supplies needed to ensure that there is a consistent attendance during school and classes.


This can range from the school fees, additional tutoring, school lunches to purchasing school uniforms. 

This small support we can offer these individuals improves massively their education and opportunities for their future. 

Libraries &
Educational Facilities


Through funds raised in the UK and books/items donated we supply and sustain libraries and homework clubs.

We are currently looking into opening an ICT learning centre and youth club to provide ICT skills to a wide range of children and young adults which otherwise have no access to computers or their capabilities in today's modern world.

Details Coming Soon
Details Coming Soon