We have many different examples of possible sponsorship schemes and are open to discuss further if you have a specific idea.


Examples of sponsorship schemes:


Sponsoring a Child: Often depending on location or due to child’s ability it is preferred that they attend a 'private' school in which the school fees are required paying. However children of a certain age entering Secondary School level are required to pay school fees. 

Currently through friends and colleagues we have a handful of possible children in which sponsorship would benefit their lives in an effective way.


Sponsor a Building: Due to the rising costs in materials it is more difficult for an individual to be able to complete a school or part of the construction of a school. So we are offering the chance for people to be able to sponsor part of a school. Such as the renovation of an old building, creation of a computer room/library, sports field etc.

Some people have also chose to either name the building for example after themselves/group or a family member as a long term and beneficial memorial. 


Sponsor an Event: In some circumstances it may be possible to fund a particular event for a school or organisation such as; school trip, sports day, themed party or guest speaker. Events such as school trips although overlooked here in the UK are a rare treat for the students in Ghana as only a small percentage of the private funded schools have means to support this. Example of recurring event: As part of a larger budget, a kitchen/dining area was constructed for a undeveloped school in an extreme rural setting. Once constructed the sponsor then sent the funds each fortnight for each child in the class to get a free school meal every other Friday.


We also run these schemes through our corporate department so if you are a business or organisation you can get involved with our sponsorship deals where we can brand it with your logo etc. Great for public relations and marketing!